Citizenship and Immigration Canada issue over 130,000 study permits each year; this grants individuals from around the world the opportunity to study in Canada for a definite period of time at a Canadian educational institution, in a specific program.

In most cases, a Study Permit is required for all foreigners. However, in the following circumstances a Study Permit may not be necessary:

Any course or program that does not have a duration for longer than six months;

Where the individual in question is the family or staff member of someone who is acting as a foreign representative to Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has two general requirements that must be met in order to issue a Study Permit:

a qualified Canadian educational institution must provide the applicant with an acceptance letter;

the applicant must possess sufficient funds for his or her stay in Canada, including being able to pay for tuition and living costs.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada may also, in some circumstances, require medical examinations as well as police clearance certificates.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada sometimes requires that the student applicant obtain a Temporary Resident Visa. Citizens of visa exempt countries do not have to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa.

Note that Montreal and other cities in the Province of Quebec also require that applicants for a student visa acquire approval from Quebec provincial authorities.